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0 Up down I recently wanted to buy a couch from Furnworld in uitenhage. When my parents bought 2 leather couches from them (+/- R17000)for the 2 their service was excellent and they could not do enough to help. Rating: 0 out of 100 0
Posted by:blueskye Rating 0 0 `Blogger`

I recently wanted to buy a couch from Furnworld in uitenhage. When my parents bought 2 leather couches from them (+/- R17000)for the 2 their service was excellent and they could not do enough to help.

When I was interested in buying a couch for R2000, the service I got was pathetic. My parents were allowed to pay by cheque and got the couches immediately. I however was not allowed to pay by cheque - unless I wanted to wait 10 days for the cheque to clear.

I was also offered free delivery when I looked at the couch at the homemakers fair - when I phoned to pay the next day a delivery fee of R200 was added. Once again - they did not care about the little guy - which is a shame - I won't go there again.

Just because I spent less I was treated less.


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Posted by: Furnworld Rating 0 0 `Blogger`

the Empire 2m couch with 15 year guarantee you bought from us @ R1999 is by far the best deal in SA in that price range . We make R139 loss on each one. we use the Empire couch as a loss leader. you can not re-upholster your existing couch for that amount. be my guest and phone for quotes. will be twice that amout for inferior quality.
Impossible to still give free delivery on that deal.if you bought @ the fair we would have deliverd from there@ no charge. stop feeling sorry for yourself HA! hope to see you soon or you will be paying to mutch. regards to your Parents. Armand du Preez.


Strange response from Armand at Furnworld

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Posted by: EraserHead Rating 4 4 `Blogger`

What a strange way for a supplier to respond to a complaint ! You will chase off more customers than you realise with an attitude like that. Definitely does not give a good impression and reinforces blueskye's statement that because he spent less he was treated less. Watch out Armand you may be chasing off guys with big bucks to spend too.


In response to "Eraserhead"

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Posted by: jonkerr Rating 0 0 `Blogger`

Over the years my friends (as far as PTA) and I bought various items from Armand at Furnworld which includes leather couches and appliances. You will never find better prices, better service and friendlier staff than at Furnworldinternational. If you want to save yourself some money, buy the best, want the best service and aftersale service you can only buy at Furnworld. You go Armand. 5 star, no 6 star


No Furnworld Fan

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Posted by: Galoops Rating 0 0 `Blogger`

I find Armand's response quite arrogant. Did he made it clear that free delivery only counted if you bought at the fair? I find it laughable that someone would sell furniture at a lost. If his service is like his thank you, no furnworld for me. I'd rather buy somewhere else even if I have to pay more.



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Posted by: thepeople Rating 0 0 `Blogger`

I am stunned by your ridiculousley childish reply and complete lack of proffesionalism, really it's quite laughable. I've visited your website and was again suprised. Besides the poor english, the arrogance displayed there is amazing. From the picture of your new SLS Mercedes to the topless photos of who I can only assume is you I really find it hard to believe that a business such as your is still operating. Im guessing your tax paying policy is questionable. No accusations here, just the objective assumptions and opinions of an average consumer. Good luck in the future, Im sure you''ll need it...when the tax man comes a' nockin'.


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